Welcome BACK!! Guidelines!!

Tumbling Times safety guidelines for coaches.

  1. All coaches require to wear face masks when coaching.
  2. Coaches much check their temperature when entering gym, and enter it in log
  3. Coaches are to use hand sanitizer when entering gym and sanitize throughout coaching.
  4. When or if we have to spot we will not be touching hands and will have a face covering on.
  5. Coaches will keep kids 6 feet away from each other during class.
  6. Coaches will sanitize the equipment and mats used after every class.

Parents and gymnast safety guidelines.

 Parents must be patient with our coaches it’s all new to all of us, we will do our best to keep all safe!!

We are unable to prevent all possibilities of close contact between students, staff, and other people in the lobby.  Just as we cannot promise you that your child will never be injured, we are unable to guarantee that you or your child will not contract COVID-19 through contact in our gym. In both cases we are confident in our process!

  1. DO NOT COME IF YOU ARE SICK!!! Please do not bring your child to class if they have a fever, cough, sneezing or display any flu like symptoms. Please do not bring them if they have been exposed to anyone with these symptoms.
  2. Be fully prepared to walk into class: Your child will need to be fully dressed for class. We strongly request that they wear minimal clothing beyond their clothes for class.

3. Personal Water Bottle: Please bring a clean (washed daily with soap and water), filled with water. The water fountains won’t be on at first.

4. All participants must get temp checked and must register lower than 100.4. If higher than child cannot participant that day in class.

5.Child must Sanitize hands before entering gym.

6. Parents are not allowed in except if it is a parent tot class. Then parent needs to do a temp Check and sanitize hands.

  • Children in class must follow the safety guidelines or they cannot stay in class. A. Must stay the 6 feet from another child

 B. No touching other children

  • C. Hands must stay out of nose and mouth, if it happens child will be brought to parent to sanitize hands.

 Children must go to bathroom before class if they must go, we will have to bring them to you. Then they have to re sanitize when coming back into the gym.