About Us

coaches-pyramidTumbling Times was established in 1996. All of our staff are or have been involved in this sport for years. It is a passion of our staff to teach future gymnasts and cheerleaders the skills that they were taught that made them love these sports even more. All Tumbling Times staff will provide direction and coaching in a positive and encouraging way. It is our job to teach your child as many skills as possible. We do our best and progress the children, no one gets held back.

Our vision is to offer every child the best instruction, in a safe, well supervised gym with the best equipment in a controlled learning environment. We believe gymnastics is the base that can help children grow and strive in a variety of different sports.

Tumbling Times provides a positive, fun and safe environment for young gymnasts to learn their skills. Our classes are taught by a well-trained, professional staff. All of our coaches and CPR certified and have continuous training in coaching.

Team Coaching is like a pyramid. It takes time, trust, confidence, strength and a professional attitude to create our success as a company at Tumbling Times Gymnastics.

Our curriculum is geared for boys and girls from 18 months through 18 years.


No Refunds given when ending class session early. Thank you for your understanding.